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Chemical Safety - PSC/COU-1084

  • February 10, 2023 - December 31, 2023 -
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This course is designed to learn about various case studies around the operations of the Flix borough petrochemical plant and how it was affected by the explosion. The safety measures and reactor configuration that led to the Seveso accident will also be covered in this course. Then, you will learn about the extent of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, and the accident investigations surrounding the Bhopal gas tragedy. Then, this course will teach you about radioactivity and a definition of process safety management. You will also learn about the importance of personal protective equipment, and what types of personal protective equipment are used to protect various parts of the body, Lastly, you will learn about safety laws and regulations, and the effects of a nuclear disaster. This course is helpful for learners who want to study in detail the extent of some of the industrial disasters that have happened in history, and how they affected the people and the environment. Learners can also understand the importance of process safety management in the workplace. Begin this course now to understand the importance of personal protective equipment and its applications. Instructional contact-time must be a minimum of 8 hours.

Our training solutions are developed and tailored by occupational health and safety experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills – core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage. Learn fundamental concepts and processes for implementing the right safety management system and occupational health and safety standards at your organization with our expertise.

This course will offer participants a detailed understanding in various segments, which are not limited to:

  1. Introduction: Overview of the hazards and risks associated with handling chemicals, the importance of proper training and safety measures to protect workers when handling chemicals.
  2. Chemical Safety Standards and Regulations: Overview of OSHA regulations and industry standards for chemical safety, how to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards.
  3. Chemical Hazard Identification and Assessment: Techniques for identifying and assessing hazards when handling chemicals how to conduct a hazard assessment and evaluate the level of risk associated with chemical handling, strategies for reducing and controlling risks when handling chemicals.
  4. Chemical Storage and Handling: Proper procedures for storing and handling chemicals, how to properly select, use, and maintain chemical storage containers, the limitations of chemical storage containers.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The importance of proper PPE when handling chemicals, how to properly select and use PPE for specific chemicals and tasks, the role of PPE in protecting workers from chemical hazards.
  6. Chemical Spills and Emergency Response: Emergency response procedures for chemical spills, how to properly contain and clean up spills, first aid procedures for chemical exposure.
  7. Labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): The importance of proper labeling and MSDS when handling chemicals, how to understand and interpret chemical labels and MSDS, the role of labeling and MSDS in identifying chemical hazards.
  8. Chemical Transportation and Disposal: Proper procedures for transporting and disposing of chemicals, how to properly package, label, and transport chemicals, the limitations of chemical transportation and disposal.
  9. Chemical Hygiene Plan: The importance of a chemical hygiene plan in the workplace, how to develop and implement a chemical hygiene plan, the role of a chemical hygiene plan in preventing incidents.
  10. Conclusion: Recap of the hazards and risks associated with handling chemicals, the importance of proper training and safety measures to protect workers when handling chemicals, the benefits of implementing a comprehensive safety program when handling chemicals.

Training will be conducted via Microsoft Team Meeting, online. Meeting invites will be shared on the day before the first day of training.

Candidates will be provided a hard bound or soft material covering the whole course which can also be accessed through Phoenix LMS (learning management system) i.e. www.phoenixcpd.com

Successful candidates will be awarded with completion certificate awarded by Phoenix Safety Consultants UK

This course will be useful for a wide range of professionals including but not limited to:

  • Safety managers and coordinators having major responsibilities of occupational safety and health.
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Environmental health and safety specialists
  • Construction workers and site managers
  • Manufacturing and industrial plant workers
  • Human resources personnel for better understanding of occupational safety and health to support business continuity
  • Facility managers
  • Risk and insurance managers
  • Health and safety consultants
  • Office and administrative workers
  • Anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of the principles and practices of occupational health and safety, and how to minimize workplace hazards and ensure the well-being of employees.
  • Anyone carrying out work with chemical safety, including employees and the self-employed; and safety consultants and advisers.

For group discounts please contact +92 348 3992423

All students must achieve a minimum 70% score to successfully pass the examination.

Meet Our Trainer

Syed Muhammad Shamuel Shees (PE®, RMP®, CSP®, PMP®, CMIOSH®, OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer DOL USA, Certified Scaffold Trainer STI® USA, MSc (HSE) CSU USA, MEngg (IM), BE (Mech), Management Systems Auditor, Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability & HSEQ Expert).

As a highly experienced and certified Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) professional, he is having a deep understanding of OSHA, NFPA, IEC, ANSI, and several health and safety standards and their practical application in various industries. With over 15 years of experience in occupational safety and health management, he has developed expertise in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and promote a safe and healthy working environment. His experience spans across multiple industries includes manufacturing, construction, healthcare, food and beverages, cosmetics, e-commerce, and oil & gas. He has a proven track record of implementing EHS management systems that significantly reduce the frequency and severity of workplace incidents and injuries. Through his proactive approach and innovative solutions, he has consistently delivered cost-effective results while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. As an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer, 501, 510, 511 and certified safety professional (CSP), he possesses in-depth knowledge of the latest industry standards and best practices. He is adept at conducting risk assessments, developing emergency response plans, and providing training to employees and management to ensure compliance with EHS regulations. His achievements include leading successful EHS programs that resulted in a significant reduction in incident rates, saving the organization millions of dollars in potential fines and penalties. He is also proud to have collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and implement sustainability initiatives that reduced waste and improved environmental performance. Have trained more than 25000+ HSE practitioners across 142 countries through LMS, have developed smart solutions using AI and trending modern technologies, and supported more than 200+ top brands across the world in their compliance portfolio. Overall, I am a results-oriented EHS professional who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to ensure that organizations prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees while promoting a culture of health safety and environmental responsibility.

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